I got Jaakko a drink and got a hug loll.

aaaaah. I hate my face in this picture but I definitely was happpppppppy at this moment soooooooo  :). turisas show was fun. yayy olliiii. and third time seeing them and each time they have opened but hopefully they’ll do a headlining tour soon?

the only picture I took at the eluveitie show last night at the state theater in St.Pete, FL. hahahah and of course it was with a cell phone camera with tooooo much flaaash. :). What a great set! I haven’t enjoyed myself that much at a show for a while nowwww. well since the metal cruise I guess? eee :D


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Going to see this Friday after getting my back tattoo worked on. Oh, ow.

yayyy going to the tampa show tomorrow. exciting!


3 days left, and I’m already burstin into tears.

no thing shall last.


=o. seeing them in 2 weeks. I’m on an Eluveitie kick toooo right nowwww. wooooooo