New pic :)

OMG FRED! I just realized what’s up with this pic! TONY’S NECK IS COMPLETELY UNCOVERED. On an official image. OMG. He’s fucking baring it all.

Great balls of Finn, look at them!

And holy crap, Tony has a neck? I just assumed the bandanna was to hold his head on to to his body, otherwise it’d fall off…

lmaooooooooooooooooooo kakko just looks funny.

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lmaooooooooo. hahahha maybe =P. lmaooo. soooo they’ll probably be playing it in Puerto Rico sooo you should totally seeeeee it. and tell me how wonderful she is in it :) :) hahahahhahahaha. WAHHH I REALLY WANNAAA SEEEEE IT FRAN. lol. so you like the orangeyy nail polish more than blue? Me likke both hahaha. I wore that papaya one a lot over summer lololo. I need winter polishes nowwww mmmmmmmm. nail polish makes me so happy oollo. alsoo. fuck FINN! finn and rachel together blow. bwahha

Maybe, I’ll look it up and convince my dad to take us or something.  I’ll tell you how wonderful her boobs are in it.

Yes, I do like the orangey one.  The blue one is so pale.  And yes, I remember you wearing the papaya color, but it wasn’t as deep orange as this one.  


I love anti Finn and Rachel end.  You’ve never expressed such hatred before.  

Also, I thought your “I hate how Finn talks to people” text was adorable. 

But yes, Sonya.  When Finn finishes his hissy/jealous fit, everything is fine and dandy because he is Finn and he is done feeling crappy so all is good.

This deserves to be on my blog.  I’m publishing it.

ahhaha yesss do so :) :). she’s amazing. lol. I like REALLLLLY want to see that fucking movie. I think they might be playing it in Jacksonville? hahahahha. argh. this blows.

olololo but the papaya one is the exact same one I have hahaahhaa. maybe because it’s different skin tone or something? or maybe I didnt layer enough or did too much i donno lololo.

HEHHEHEHHE I just want you to get finnchel anons! ahahahahahhahaha justtkidddding. hahahaha yeah. I donno, I don’t pay much attention to it, and I know he’s worse in other episodes lolololo but I guess I just realized today after watching that one that he’s just a douuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuche. lmao. I did not enjoy him giving shit to Blaine. lololo. and just his reaction ugh. he dummb

so I totally used bold hehehhe.


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